During the year in Villasimius there are a lot of events that draw thousands of tourists and make funniest and interesting their holiday in Villasimius. Hereinafter you will find some established dates and events will take place throughout the year. There are also more events always new that wait you. Continue to follow us, we publish each time all the news about Villasimius!



Come to Villasimius and celebrate with us the New Year’s Eve. During the Saint Sylvester night in the main square there will be the big dinner with a lot of people, good food, nice music and entertainment! When midnight strikes we will drink together to the new year!


The Carnival in Villasimius is a feast where everybody participate, from children to adults who dress up, realizing floats, the parade down the main streets, they have fun and celebrate a leisure and amusement time.
Join with us and take part in the realization to one of the fantastic float, you will parade dancing down the main streets and you will have fun as never before! We wait you!


Feast of San Giuseppe
It is a feast that in the past the population of Villasimius went on foot until Solanas for a kindness visit (the closer village direction Cagliari), in turn the community of Solanas repaid this visit in September for the Feast of Santa Maria in Villasimius.
Today the communities are really united and these visits of kindness strengthen and unite themselves more and more.


Feast of Madonna di Bonaria
Celebrations in honour of “Madonna di Bonaria” involve the ancient traditions, the procession by sea and great festivities accompanied of Folkloristic group, “Traccas”, horses, traditional carts and a recollection of ancient crafts.


The ecologic month
During the month of May we organize disparate events which draw hundreds of visitors in love with nature. Join actively to all initiatives in progress, you will enjoy, discovering new places rarely visited immersed in the green landscape, you will spend a day in company with many friends!

  1. The Granite Way! (Ecologic walk)
    Generally in the first weekend of May takes place a nice and exciting ecologic walk, you will cross unexplored paths, old pathways of “Carbonari” take you through the discovering of Mediterranean macchia.
    Normally the routes are about 8/10 Km with a difference in height of 50 m maximum. A beautiful walk suitable for everybody.
  2. Bicycle ride in Villasimius
    A fantastic bicycle ride along the coast of Villasimius for all lovers of two wheels.
    Generally it is organized the following weekend of the ecologic walk, with paths suitable for everybody.
  3. Let’s make Villasimius a paradise!
    A full day dedicated to Villasimius to take care and make it even more beautiful!
    An ecologic day where everyone is involved in real cleaning teams of the coast and beaches, a beautiful initiative that year after year there are more and more tourists who join at the population cooperating at the activities and have fun.

The same event is also proposed for the visit and cleaning of the island of Cavoli, accompanied of several tourist boats that during the summer period offer nice trips at sea along the coast of Villasimius.


During these months there are many events, celebrations, festivals which enliven the holidays of a large number of tourists who fall in love with Villasimius
In July takes place the popular Feast of Madonna of the Shipwrecked, an important celebration with procession by sea until the Island of Cavoli.
This celebration is usually organized in the third weekend of July.
In September takes place the Santa Maria Feast. A folkloristic procession starts from the church of Villasimius until the country church in Santa Maria area with a parade of knights on horses adorned by beautiful dresses and flowers, traditional ox carts, many folkloristic dresses from several places of Sardinia, music, dances, entertainment and shows make this Feast unique.
In October is celebrated the Feast of San Raffaele Patron of Villasimius, an important event with their traditions, folklore down the main streets of Villasimius.

All feasts, celebrations and events are organized by the Municipality of Villasimius thanks to the collaboration of various associations and thanks to all the people who participate and help actively for the municipality.


In December with the good days we organize more events, like the Christmas walk, the meeting of children with Santa Claus and other amazing events.
It is known that over the years, the weather conditions of Villasimius in December are compared with springlike ones. This is a valid excuse to start the new year getting a tan at the beach in midwinter!